Mother Who Married Biological Son Arrested for Incestuous Relationship With Daughter

The headline sounds a bit outrageous and a tad confusing, but here’s what you need know: An Oklahoma woman married two of her own children. Her biological children.

43-year-old Patricia Spann has been arrested along with her 25-year-old daughter, Misty Spann.

The pair are accused of having an incestuous marriage, though Patricia told officials she didn’t think she was breaking any laws because her name is no longer on Misty’s birth certificate.

Apparently, that makes sex with your own daughter legit.

Patricia lost custody of her kids (shocker) and they were raised by a grandparent, but she reunited with Misty two years ago, a Department of Human Services investigator told authorities.

Their illegal relationship was discovered in August, when DHS came to the Spann household for an investigation surrounding children living at the home.

Patricia previously tied the knot with one of her sons in 2008, but that marriage was annulled in 2010.

She and Misty have been booked into the Stephens County Jail, a detective told KFOR.

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