Secretly Recorded Phone Call Blows Obama’s Refugee Scheme Wide Open

According to The Proud Conservative, assisting Syrian refugees into the country is big business and the government plays a BIG part in the racket. NGOs (non-governmental organizations) are funded with tax payers dollars when assisting Syrian refugees and act as a middle man for getting refugees into the country.

A citizen who called Refugee Services of Texas was able to pull back the veil on this lucrative business by recording the phone conversation.

Glenn Beck reported:

Upon realizing Syrian refugees were being taken in by the organization he was speaking with, the caller started recording the conversation to find out how many refugees would be coming in and where they would be sent.

CALLER: The reason I called is I had read a report that you guys were about to start, you know, accepting a bunch of Syrian refugees in.

VOICE: Right.

CALLER: Yeah, so I would assume it’s going to be a lot. So I was wondering what you needed help with. And if that’s true.

VOICE: Uh-huh. Well, here — let me explain a little bit about refugee resettlement to you, how it works. Just so you can have a more broad understanding.

But each year, nationally, for the U.S., there’s a number that is a cap or a max for the amount of refugees that can come into the United States that year. And it’s set by the president of the United States. So last year it was — well, our year ends September 30th. So we just started a new year. A new fiscal year for us. So last year, it was 70,000. And this year it did increase to 85,000, with the anticipation of the United States taking more Syrian refugees.

And so we have seen a few Syrian refugees here in Tarrant County, and a very small number comes through to the US so far. So that number is expected to increase. But for us here at the local agency, we are assigned refugee cases from a national organization.

So while the national number of Syrians coming through is expected to increase, that information isn’t — we won’t know exactly how many we’re going to get or what ethnicities or nationalities we get almost until it happens. We get an arrival notice about two or three weeks before someone is going to travel to the United States.

So that’s the point when we know.

“The representative went on to explain typical immigrants don’t receive instant help paid for by U.S. taxpayers — but Syrian refugees will,” said Beck. “Assistance would include transportation, a home, furniture, money, education and healthcare.”

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