Soldier Stands Quietly With Flowers in His Hands, Now Watch Who Comes Running Up

A second grader at South Shades Crest Elementary School in Birmingham, Alabama, was treated to a welcome surprise this week, when she saw her father for the first time in nearly one year.

According to KTUL, Staff Sergeant Rodney Grant with the Alabama Army National Guard last saw his daughter October 12, 2015.

The little girl, Mary Alice, who turns eight next week, had no idea he would show up at her school. It was an early birthday present she will surely never forget.


“I appreciate the times we’ve had, and more so appreciate the time of coming home,” said Grant. “The homecomings we have, and the time we spend together.” He cannot wait to celebrate Mary Alice’ birthday with her.

These bittersweet videos serve as a vivid reminder of the steep sacrifices our military families make. The everyday things we take for granted, like tucking our children into bed at night, or picking them up from school, are luxuries Staff Sergeant Rodney Grant had to go without for an entire year.

Share this report if you are grateful for this man’s selfless service and the sacrifices his family has made so that he can protect the rest of us!

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