[WATCH] “Prophet” Claimed To Predict Ebola, Now Has Chilling Messages For The UK

A man who is hailed as a ‘prophet’ and claims to have accurately predicted several global disasters is now saying the UK could be next. 

The guys at The Daily Star, who seem to absolutely love a good apocalypse story, reported that Christian pastor Dr David Owuor is worshipped by a devout contingent of followers due to his ability to conjure accurate doomsday predictions.

Apparently he’s predicted the likes of the 2008 financial crash, the Ebola epidemic in western Africa and Hurricane Katrina.

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According to his fans, the pastor can also perform miracles that Jesus would have been proud of, like summoning rainbows and calling rain from the heavens.

So with all this in mind, lets jump right in and see what he has to say about the fate of the UK.

In footage that has emerged online, the born-again Christian delivers a cryptic, and incredibly vague warning to his followers in Malmo, Sweden.

Almost eight minutes into the video, he says: 

I see distress coming to the UK. I can see the news from that day in front of me, I have seen that future date. As I am seeing the news and looking at that nation, I see a severe distress that befalls them.

He manages to get a few more details in, and name drops some locations around Britain.

London Heathrow Airport EC Minibus UK

The pastor speaks of flights being diverted from Heathrow to Manchester airport, before he goes into a little more detail about two buildings connected by a balcony.

“I see fire burning the roof of this building here. I am fearing this fire will spread to the other buildings,” he said.

Dr Owuor, who was previously a professor of medicine at the University of Oklahoma before turning to religion, has managed to make a real name for himself, mostly in Africa, with a huge following of fans.

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But not everyone is convinced of his supposed powers, with many branding him a false prophet and a fake.

Considering that this prediction was almost three years ago and the UK isn’t now just a big fiery crater which used to be a functioning civilisation, we can probably rest easy….




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