BOMBSHELL: DNC Delegate Reveals REPLACEMENT Choice For Hillary If She Drops Out

This game changer from the DNC is going to make the Bernie Sanders crowd lose their minds, and not in a good way!

Things must be worse than we thought if the DNC is this far along in the replacement process. With Hillary’s health problems out in the media, ON VIDEO, they must believe that something needs to be done.

Yesterday, David Shuster tweeted about an emergency DNC meeting to discuss possible replacements for Hillary if her sickness overcomes her.

Today, Shuster reports the following from a DNC delegate:

Imagine how the millions of Bernie Sanders supporters are going to feel when they are made aware of this tweet.

And what might Joe Biden think of this choice? He has publicly campaigned for Clinton, and has never truly shown enthusiasm for taking on the Democrat Presidential mantle himself.

Of course, if Biden becomes the nominee, he would need to choose a VP running mate, assuming he did not stick with Tim Kaine.

The mere mention of a replacement is great news for Trump, who can continue to deliver his message in his own unique way, while the Clinton Campaign, the Democrats, and much of America are distracted by Hillary’s ongoing health problems.

Did you notice, WikiLeaks is not in the news much now that these new revelations are out?

Buckle up, America.

Our wildest election ever is about to get wilder!


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