Vegas Star Wayne Newton Upsets Millions With Scorching Anthem Rant

The national anthem and American flag have been at the center of heated discussion for the past several weeks thanks to the latest trend highly paid athletes using the traditionally solemn moment to honor and reflect on our nation to make controversial political statements instead.

Not surprisingly, quite a few patriotic red-blooded Americans find it highly distasteful that these athletes would exercise their freedom of speech and dissent in a manner that dishonors and disrespects the men and women who bled and died to secure and defend that freedom found virtually nowhere else on the planet.

Legendary Las Vegas showman and singer Wayne Newton can be counted among those not impressed by the athletes sitting or taking a knee during the playing of the national anthem, and he explained why during an appearance Monday on “Fox & Friends.”

“I think every American has the right to say and do whatever it is that freedom offers us,” Newton said. “However, during the national anthem, is not the time or the place to show that kind of thing.”

“I have no tolerance at all for it,” he added. “I support the right to say what they believe and how they believe it, but that’s the wrong place and time.”

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