[WATCH] Parents Think Lion Approaching Baby Is Cute…Until They Realize Its Intentions

A family took their baby daughter to the zoo, because they really wanted to give her a real life taste of the wildlife of the world. While things were going well and the baby was getting a chance to interact with the animals and see them from a distance, the parents thought their daughter would get a really good lesson when the massive male lion approached the glass in his enclosure.

In the video below, the curious infant looks through the glass at the lion. But the massive creature sees only one thing: a mid-afternoon snack…

The lion lunges at the human infant and paws at the piece of meat on the other end of the glass. If there was no glass separating this human child from the beast, the lion surely would have devoured it in one gulp.

In the video, you can hear the mother saying, “He wants to eat our baby.”
When the video starts, you’ll see unsuspecting infant standing near the lion’s glass with a hooded sweatshirt on. The lion rears up and starts scratching his massive claws against the glass in an effort to tear down the barricade.

“He wants her. Look,” mom says.

The baby helplessly falls to her knees and struggles to stand up. The lion looks on seeming only to think, “Wow, this would be such an easy meal. Just take away this glass.”

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