BOMBSHELL News Leaked About Hillary’s Emergency Room Decision

BOMBSHELL News Leaked About Hillary's Emergency Room Decision

This is a major breach of Secret Service protocol…

Now that we know more about Hillary’s 9/11 Memorial medical breakdown, it is easy to imagine the chaos that must have taken place inside of the van that was filled with Hillary’s staffers and Secret Service agents. Someone had to decide what to do, and it appears that the Secret Service was overruled by a Campaign Operative.

The New York Post reported: Sources say Secret Service protocol called for Clinton to be taken a “state-designated Level I Trauma Center” after her medical episode on Sunday.

“But a campaign operative decided to change course to avoid treatment by doctors, nurses or other medical workers who could leak details to reporters,” the report states.

Foxnews also publicized the story:

Sources also told the newspaper that Clinton was supposed to have a NYPD protective detail leading her motorcade, but Secret Service agents took off before the NYPD team could assemble.

Instead of going to a “state-designated Level 1 Trauma Center,” Hillary went to her daughter Chelsea’s apartment, where she received private treatment from her doctor. She later made an appearance after becoming “hydrated.”

Are you like most of us in that you sense another massive Clinton coverup?


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