Coach Teaches Students How to Disrespect Flag, Two Kids Had Another Idea

In the ongoing National Anthem controversy that seems to be plaguing the NFL, high schools with predominantly black students, seem to be following suite.

High school coach, Preston Brown, thought he would lead by example by kneeling in protest before a game, ultimately teaching his entire team how to disrespect their country.

Fortunately, there were a few brave kids who stood up for what they believed in and didn’t give in to the pressure of an entire team and the poor example of their coach. One of these students had this to say, “I’ve always stood for the national anthem and I wasn’t going to let a little incident in the NFL change that.”

Good for them, these are the kids that deserve airtime, not those that choose to blatantly disrespect a country that has provided them every opportunity they simply choose not to take advantage of.

The school district encourages “standing” during the Anthem but feel that kneeling is a personal right they are free to exercise.

What do you think? Should standing for the Anthem be made law? Should we be forced to do anything? Be sure to leave your comments.

Blue Lives Matter has the full report:

Preston Brown, the head coach of the Woodrow Wilson Tigers football team, followed suit and took a knee during the national anthem.

He advised his players of his plan before their season opener this Sunday, 9/11/16. His team is made up of primarily young black students from a primarily young black student body. Unfortunately for them, they have a leader who not only believes the false narrative of Black Lives Matter, but he’s bringing the national anthem into it.

“I still love America. I still love our military, but this was our way of saying that things have to change in our country. There’s oppression, there’s social injustice, and these kids live it,” Coach Preston Brown said.

 The “social injustice” that Coach Brown is referencing is the misinformation created by the Black Lives Matter movement, which began with the death of Travon Martin. This false narrative is  nothing more than a sensationalist twisting of facts and misrepresentation of statistics. This isn’t the first time a school district has fallen into supporting Black Lives Matter. A Seattle elementary school is demonstrating support directly for the political group.

Thankfully, two students on the team had enough fortitude to stand up for what they believe in and did not cave to their coach’s example. One of the students who was brave enough to avoid the peer pressure stated: “I’ve always stood for the national anthem and I wasn’t going to let a little incident in the NFL change that.”

Members of the opposing team, Highland High School, vented their disappointment in their opponents actions. Highland’s senior running back, who is black, honored the heroes who defend our great country with his comment. “There are people out there every day risking their lives for us.”


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