How #BoycottNFL Is SACKING Colin Kaepernick’s Net Worth

Will it backfire? AMERICA HAS SPOKEN!

Kaepernick is widely viewed as the “pioneer” of the NFL National Anthem Protest movement. His name is always in the news now, but will his actions affect his bank account?

Sources like The Richest, Spotrac, and Money Nation estimate Kaepernick’s playing salary to be between $17 million and $22 million, depending on bonuses and some guess work.

His endorsement deals should net him another $3 million.

So he is making somewhere between $20 million and $25 million at the beginning of the controversy.

What effects can be seen at this time from the protest?

Christian Post reports  a few mixed results:

Kaepernick’s national anthem protest made his jersey become one of the NFL’s top sellers. According to the New York Post, the QB’s jersey sales at the 49ers online store soared to the top spot after the controversy exploded.

Kaepernick posted on his Instagram account that he will donate the proceeds of his jersey to the community. The NFL star will receive around $1 million for his merchandise sales.

Amid the booming income, Money Nation predicted that the national anthem protest will badly hurt the NFL star financially in the coming months. The personal finance resource website projected that Kaepernick will lost more than $2 million each year in salary earnings and $3 million in endorsements.

Another factor, albeit one that is harder to predict, is how his mentality will stand up to the pressure and scrutiny. He may fall apart and never start again, which will, of course, hurt his income. On the other hand, he may turn things around.

Wouldn’t it have been a better option to express his concerns about oppression and inequality in a more positive way?

It was his call. It is also his money!

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