If “Gravely Ill” Hillary Drops Out, The DNC Already Has Her Replacement

BREAKING: Hillary Underwent Secret Surgery Earlier This Year, Did Not Disclose It

Due to the recent and continual health troubles Hillary seems to be experiencing, Pneumonia being the latest. The DNC finds themselves scrambling around for her replacement and it would be the nation’s worst nightmare.

Any guesses on who the lucky person would be? If you guessed Michelle Obama, you are correct! Their reasoning? the capacity and power of the FEMINIST VOTE.

I just threw up in my mouth a little.

MRC had this to say:

According to The Gateway Pundit, legendary political correspondent Roger Stone told Newsmax TV host Steve Malzberg on Tuesday that he thinks Michelle Obama would be Clinton’s replacement. Here’s what he had to say:

Roger Stone: Nothing she says can be believed. And, a fish, as my grandfather says, rots from the head. So nobody who works for her can be believed either… I still believe the woman is gravely ill but the Clinton’s taste and their greed for power is so great that they couldn’t pass up this race for president. It’s one more time that they can get their nose back into the trough.

Now, it is my understanding that is she were to be incapacitated, or if she were too ill to continue, or if, God forbid, she should pass away, then the Democratic National Committee would hold a meeting to fill that vacancy. And I don’t think it would be Joe Biden. I don’t think it would be Tim Kaine. I’m fairly confident she would be replaced by Michelle Obama.

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