[GRAPHIC] Islamic Teacher Gets “Alone Time” With Little Girl, Leaves Something SICK in Her Mouth

Sexual abuse of young girls runs rampant in the Islamic culture. If girls are lucky enough to make it to adulthood without having been raped by a stranger or close relative, they likely will not escape the mutilation of their own genitalia or being married off to a man they barely know. Being born into a Muslim family is undoubtedly one of the worst fates a little girl can be given.

Such was the case for an 8-year-old in Gurgaon, India, whose parents hired a Muslim man to teach her how to read the Quran. They believed that Mohammad Aslam had good character and was committed to his faith, but that was only because he had duped them into believing so. In reality, he was a monster of the worst kind, and what he did to his pupil will leave her with emotional scars that will last a lifetime.

After Aslam had gained the family’s trust over a period of time, the 8-year-old’s parents left her alone to study with him while they went out to run a few errands. They returned to a scene which could be likened to a parent’s worst nightmare, but I would venture to guess that most nightmares are not as horrific as what this little girl was made to endure.

The filthy Muslim teacher orally raped the 8-year-old before urinating in her mouth and forcing her to drink it. When her parents returned home, she was inconsolable and quickly told them of what had happened to her. Aslam was arrested and will face consequences for his disgusting actions, though that will do nothing to erase the memory of the assault in the little girl’s mind.

Another young girl’s innocence was stolen by a follower of Islam, yet liberals tout it as the “religion of peace.” I shudder to think what it will take for them to wake up… How many children must be raped? How many killed? Please share this report to expose the truth about Islam – it is NOT the “religion of peace”!

H/T: MRC Blog

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