Trump Stopped His Rally Abruptly, Then Leaves The Stage For Frightening Reason

Conservative and Republican presidential nominee Donald J. Trump just stopped his rally in the state of North Carolina.

 The shocking video (below) shows a Trump supporter who was having a medical emergency needed help, so Trump paused his rally and asked for a doctor to rush to the supporter.

“Could we have a doctor please?,” Trump said at a rally in Asheville, N.C.. “A doctor. A doctor please. It is about 100 degrees in her folks, so. Thank you so much. We love our supporters, right? Let’s give her a hand. Get some water please? Water please.”

Trump went down into the crowd and returned to the stage after staff at the rally helped the woman who needed help.

“That’s a great supporter, an unbelievable person, been here for a long time, and I just want to thank you,” Trump said upon returning. “Whether it was a supporter or not we’re going to take care of her. It is pretty hot in her folks, it’s pretty hot.”

Via The Hill

Trump left the stage to greet the woman who needed help, and did everything possible to ensure she was taking care of. Only after she was safely moved to an ambulance did Trump go back on stage.

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