[WATCH] Mom Makes Emotional Plea When Son Dies Horrifically After Getting Clean Bill Of Health

Melissa Mead brought her son to the doctors when he had a bad cough. The mother knew her 12-month-old son, William, was ill, but doctors told her not to worry.

In fact, she went to the doctors twice after the first time, each of them told her it was just a cough. Then William began vomiting profusely. William had an abscess in his lung. One day Mead found him, dead in his cot due to a blood infection known as sepsis caused by streptococcus A.

Doctors failed William.

“Just 17 days after his first birthday, William died from sepsis. I found him in his cot. My baby was gone,” Mead said in a heartbreaking video. “No one mentioned sepsis before William died. The first time I saw the word was on William’s death certificate.”

In the emotional video below, Mead announces she is pregnant with her second child and mourns the thought that the two children will never meet. The mother hopes to spread awareness about the signs of sepsis so that no mother experiences what she did.

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