Woman Wins Free Pizza For An Entire Year… Stuns Company With Her Next Move

Most people enter a raffle looking for a major prize to make them happier, but not this couple. Hannah Spooner, a 19-year-old Detroit resident, and her boyfriend decided to take their winnings and donate it to a local homeless youth center.

According to Inside Edition:

19-year-old Hannah Spooner said from the moment Little Caesar’s called to say she won the drawing for $500 worth of free pizza for a year, she knew she wanted to give it all to a worthy cause.

“I just lost a lot of weight, I wasn’t trying to eat a lot of pizza,” she joked.

But Spooner was also more interested in making a difference in her community.

“Detroit is going through a lot of negativity,” Spooner told InsideEdition.com. “I wanted somewhere close to home that would be affected by my donation.”

She then reached out to several non-profits in the area. Eventually, she settled on Covenant House Michigan, a facility for homeless youth.

“I could tell it would actually make a difference,” Spooner said. “I would actually see people who benefitted from it. They were really sweet, warm and welcoming.”

Carolyn Millard, the development manager at Covenant House Michigan, said she was surprised to receive Spooner’s call, and was thrilled when she eventually settled on their organization after a tour of the facility.

Though they serve three meals a day, Millard told InsideEdition.com the youth especially welcome this treat: “They love pizza. They get very excited.”

Millard said while they are still trying to work out the logistics, she hopes they may be able to get pizza to their residents as soon as next week.

The youth residing at the center could be served pizza as soon as this week, giving them something fun to look forward to.


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