Michelle Obama Goes on Another TV Show & Publicly Disgraces America

Luckily, Michelle Obama will be out of the White House soon. You would think that with only a limited number of months left, the First Lady would be spending her time wisely in order to make the greatest difference before her time is up, but not Michelle! Once again, she has disgraced the White House by going on TV and making a fool out of herself.

Mrs. Obama appeared on Ellen DeGeneres’ daytime talkshow for a segment in which the pair visited a CVS store, where they acted disrespectful and unruly.

From toofab:

“Michelle is going to be out of the White House soon and I wanted to show her how to shop like a normal person,” DeGeneres explains of the segment. “It’s been like 8 years since she has been to CVS. Like I said, it’s been longer for me. Last time I was there I was shopping for birth control.”

Things go awry quickly, with the First Lady telling Ellen, “This is not how you behave in a CVS.”

With DeGneres telling people to call Michelle “Shelly” and enlisting the help of shoppers to open up a box of wine, Obama can’t help but exclaim, “She’s out of control!”

While paying, Ellen then asks if Michelle has any sway when it comes to getting the comedian’s face on money.

“No, I can’t. You have to have done something grand, like Harriet Tubman. You should have freed some slaves,” the First Lady responds. “You’re really annoying, it’s like taking a 3-year-old to the store!”


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