Neighborhood Residents In Horror Over Ball Python Infestation

A Georgia subdivision has been overrun with 14 ball pythons that are thought to have been let loose on purpose by their owner. Authorities are now searching for the snakes. Though they are not thought to be dangerous, most everyone especially including children are going to be quite frightened if one of these snakes approaches them while they are outside.

According to The Washington Times,

HEPHZIBAH, Ga. (AP) – In a real life version of the children’s reader “Snakes Alive!”, state wildlife officers are searching for 14 pythons in an east Georgia subdivision after a woman reported that someone let the pet snakes loose.

Jacqueline Heim told authorities the snakes were in secure cages. She suspects someone set them free deliberately this week.

Heim tells WRDW-TV ( ) the ball pythons are not harmful. Ball pythons, sometimes known as royal pythons, are so named because their key defense against predators is to roll up in a ball.

Priscilla Crisler of Augusta Animal Services says the snakes “typically are very docile.”

But neighbors like Shekelia Wilcher are on edge. Wilcher tells WJBF-TV ( ) that young children in the neighborhood wait for their school bus and “one might just crawl up on them.”

The neighborhood is in Hephzibah (HEHP’-sih-bah), about 15 miles south of Augusta.

These snakes have to be found soon or they will start to find cool dark places to nest in and will never be found. The longer these guys are left out in the open, the more chance they are going to burrow in people’s basements and crawl spaces and can even work their way into their homes. The real question is what happens to the idiot who let them loose? He should get some sort of punishment for possibly putting the whole neighborhood in danger. And further more, what kind of person keeps 14 ball pythons as pets? That is a lot of scary snakes.

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