New SHOCK Polls Release Floodgates Of News For Trump & Clinton

CNN and the LA Times are two polls that cannot be ignored. This is going to be BAD!

The campaign trail has been action-packed for the last week. Hillary’s health has dominated the news, while Trump has dealt with questions about his tax returns and even did a spot on Dr. Oz to discuss his own health.

Colin Powell’s hacked emails revealed his distaste for both candidates.

So how have these events affected the polls?

Take a look at this shocker from the LA Times:

Donald Trump continues his polling climb in the L.A. Times political tracking poll, as he now leads Hillary Clinton by six points.

Trump is now at 47.2 percent while Clinton is at 41.3 percent.


The bad news for Clinton is not limited to LA.

Now, even CNN — which practically functions as an organ of the Clinton campaign — has revealed that the Democrat nominee was behind in two key battleground states.

According to a new poll published by the media giant favored by the Clintons, whoever makes programming decisions inside airport terminals and almost nobody else, Hillary was now behind Donald Trump in the key states of Ohio and Florida.

“Among likely voters in Ohio, Trump stands at 46 percent to Clinton’s 41 percent, with 8 percent behind Libertarian Gary Johnson and 2 percent behind Green Party nominee Jill Stein. In Florida, likely voters split 47 percent for Trump to 44 percent for Clinton, within the poll’s 3.5 percentage point margin of error, and with 6 percent behind Johnson and 1 percent backing Stein,” the CNN poll read.

Can Hillary recover from this slide? Much of that question will be answered by the possibility of her recovering from her health problems.

Will Trump take advantage of the momentum, or will he be his own worst enemy?

The next two months are certain to be a wild ride!


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