Police Called After Kindergarten Student Assaults Teacher

A 5-year-old kindergarten student has been suspended after assaulting the teacher at a South Carolina elementary school. Police were called to investigate the incident due to the severity of the child’s aggressive outburst. The teacher reports that this is not the first time this child has become violent towards her and the other students.

According to WSPA.com,

GREENVILLE, SC (WSPA) – A teacher at Augusta Circle Elementary was assaulted by a five-year-old student Wednesday afternoon.

According to the incident report, the child was at the play-doh center when he was continuously trying to take toys and play-doh away from the other kids.

The teacher told police she asked her assistant for help when the child became aggressive, reports say.

Greenville Police say the teacher was hit in her mouth, arm, and was kicked a couple of times.

The child is also accused of throwing scissors, pencils, and markers at the other students.

Greenville County Schools say due to the severity of the injuries to the teacher, they were required by statute to notify law enforcement to investigate.

The teacher said this wasn’t the first incident when the child became physical toward her.

The child punched her in the stomach and threw blocks at her on September 12, reports say.

The district says the kindergarten student has been suspended.

The district says that the teacher is under the care of a doctor, but chose to come to work Thursday to reassure her students that she is ok.

The district office says they are providing additional counselors to help the other children in the classroom who witnessed the incident.

It is obvious that this child has some issues and needs counseling as this type of behavior is a red flag for deeper problems as an adult. It must have been traumatic for the other students to see their classmate have an outburst like this and they were no doubt frightened when police arrived. It just makes us wonder what kind of home life this kid has and if it is possible that these actions are a result of what he sees as “normal” at home. Let’s hope that this kid gets the help they need and can return to school without further incident.

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