Thugs Think White Mom & Baby Are Easy Target, But They Make One Critical Mistake

When a pair of Black Lives Matter affiliates from Kansas saw a white mother strapping her infant into a carseat outside a local Walmart, they assumed she would be an easy target on which to wage a violent attack spurred by racial hate. However, they severely miscalculated the situation, and now both are paying a stiff price.

27-year-old Arthur Fred Wyatt III and 28-year-old John W. Simmons III approached the woman from behind in broad daylight. But she was parked close to the front of the store, so as soon as she began screaming, two good samaritans came running.

Both supporters of the Second Amendment, the good samaritans were armed and ready to protect the innocent woman at all costs. They opened fire and Simmons was killed almost instantly. Wyatt was also armed and returned fire. He struck a 33-year-old Iraq War veteran who had come to the aid of the woman and her baby.

Fortunately, the veteran was not killed, but he was taken to the hospital in serious condition as Wyatt fled the scene. It wasn’t long before authorities caught up with the thug, though, and he was charged with¬†attempted first-degree murder, attempted aggravated kidnapping, and attempted aggravated robbery.

The good samaritans will not be charged with any crimes for exercising their Second Amendment rights. Share this report if you think these racist thugs got exactly what was coming to them!

H/T: FOX40

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