Restaurant Refuses To Take Down Provocative Sign On Transgender Bathrooms

This restaurant owner will NOT back down, and his reasons are brilliant…

Target is managing their corporate public relations problems with transgender bathrooms, and small businesses are handling the issue in their own way, often to their advantage.

AWM reports:

As one pizza shop in Virginia has proven by posting a provocative message board outside its entrance, the argument over which bathroom is right for you rages on. Read on for the full story behind how one small business owner used this hot button topic to gain exposure for his restaurant.

“We have a men’s room. We have a ladies room. If this confuses you, we can help!” the Windy City Pizza bathroom sign reads, WTKR reports. The same message can be found on a message board outside the restaurant, and is referring to the debate over the legality of the controversial North Carolina transgender restroom law.

One may be led to believe that the owner of this Virginia pizza shop is expressing his personal viewpoint on the matter, but instead he has explained that it was an attempt to spark conversation. The conversation is about a law passed in March, in North Carolina, that forbids people from using bathrooms that do not correspond to their biological sex. This law directly targets transgendered people.


Spark conversation? Well, clearly the sign is doing that. It is likely also selling pizzas!

If people are talking about it, and have it in their minds, it is likely good for business.

Unless, of course, your business is Target.

This is a brilliant experiment by this small business owner. It may backfire on him, or it may cause his local business to boom!

Do you agree with this pizza shop’s marketing tactic?

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