[WATCH] Minority Rally Issues BRUTAL Message To Hillary Clinton

Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and liberals everywhere would love to have everyone believe that the former secretary of state has the African-American vote in the bag, but the truth might not be such a rosy picture for her.

At a minority rally, a black man who identified himself as “Michael the black man,” sent a message to Clinton and Democrats everywhere, and it was one that might cause them to have a few sleepless nights as the general election nears.

The man, along with his friends, were recorded in a video wearing T-shirts that read, “Trump and Republicans Are Not Racist.”

The video began with the man saying he was going to vote for Trump in November. He said that the Democrat assertion that Trump was racist was nothing but a lie.

He claimed that many black leaders were speaking against Clinton but that the mainstream media refused to report it. He added the Black Nationalist Movement and the leader of the Black Lives Matter movement were also speaking out against Clinton.

You can watch his comments here:


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