Black Dallas Cop Sues Black Lives Matter, Obama, Clinton & Other ‘Race-Baiters’

Black Dallas Cop Sues Black Lives Matter, Obama, Clinton & Other 'Race-Baiters'

Groundbreaking! The complaint seeks $500 million to $1.5 billion in damages!

A black Dallas Police Sergeant, Demetrick Pennie, recently filed a blockbuster lawsuit against Black Lives Matter, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Al Sharpton, Louis Farakhan, Eric Holder, and George Soros, accusing them of inciting a massive race war.

The lawsuit, filed in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Texas, which is located in Dallas, is now styled Pennie et. al v. Farrkahan et. al (Civil Action Number 16-cv-02010), was amended today to include allegations that Hillary Clinton and George Soros have also incited and financed this violence for their own political purposes and, along with the other defendants, stoked a race war which is pulling the fabric of the nation apart at the seams, with even some sports figures and elected politicians disparaging and denouncing the country as a whole by defiantly refusing to stand and recite the Pledge of Allegiance.

Sgt. Pennie’s lawyer, Larry Klayman, had the following to say:

”Sergeant Pennie and I feel duty-bound to put ourselves forward to seek an end to the incitement of violence against law enforcement which has already resulted in the death of five police officers in Dallas and the wounding of seven more, just in Texas alone. Other assaults and deaths have occurred elsewhere. While the case was filed in Texas, it will create precedent around the nation that law enforcement, which ironically protects the very persons who are alleged to have incited this violence, should be respected. The defendants, if not legally reined in, are allegedly responsible, along with others, for igniting a race war that will ultimately totally destroy the freedoms that our Founding Fathers bequeathed to us.”

DailyCaller reports:

The lawsuit alleges that Obama’s “War On Police” has both endangered law enforcement officers and hurt the communities they are supposed to protect. His comments that current shootings against blacks “are not isolated incidents” incites people to believe that blacks are being killed intentionally, the lawsuit states.

The lawsuit also accuses Clinton of using her position to cause more violence against police officers. When Clinton repeats the “violent and hateful dogmas guiding her co-Defendants,” it leads to “an explosion of violence” against law enforcement officers, the lawsuit states.

Recently, Sgt. Pennie had some choice words for Colin Kaepernick and others who protest the National Anthem. Watch below:


Clearly, this is a ground-breaking case. Do you support Sgt. Pennie? Do you think he has a chance at winning and bringing the Defendants to justice?



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