“I’M GOING TO DIE”: Teen Screams in Horror as Massive Lion Charges Right at Him


In a video uploaded to Youtube, a girl and her family are at Kruger National Park in South Africa. It begins with the girl talking to her mom as they spot a lion.

She says: “He growled, he growled over there,” audibly nervous at spotting the lion.

Suddenly, it charges towards the car and the teenager screams…

“Oh my gosh, I hate you guys! I am never travelling to Africa again,” she adds.

The lion stops just inches away from the car and turns back to where it was standing.

“You are the stupidest people in the history of stupidest people.

“I don’t care if you have a doctor’s degree, a physics degree or a teenager degree – you guys fail in the normal world degree.”

This is hilarious! I would probably feel the same way. I gigantic lion charging at you. Watch the clip below for a laugh.

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