What She Did Outside His Window Was Unbelievable, so He Decided to Film the Whole Thing

While many people take the occasional risqué selfie, they don’t usually do it in a public place. That’s exactly what this woman did, though.

In a video posted to YouTube, she dropped her pants while standing next to a tree to take a sexy photo… In the middle of a public park!

According to Opposing Views, within hours of being uploaded, the video was viewed more than 50,000 times.


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Many people are obsessed with themselves these days, using social media to share their selfies. Now, a video has gone viral after a woman decided to take an indecent selfie in public – and it showed something she didn’t exactly intend.

Everyone seems to want to put their “best selves” out there for the world to see. Social media has turned into something more about bragging than helping others keep in touch with you. In fact, a video gone viral has recently proved just how ridiculous things have become.

Seen in public, a woman decided that it was a smart idea to pull down her pants and start snapping a few selfies. To make matters worse, the obsessed culture that we live in these days made it so that the woman’s first shot of her backside wasn’t “good enough.”

The unnamed woman had to take a few photos to ensure that she got the perfect shot. Sure, she thought she wasn’t being watched, but that didn’t negate the reality that her photoshoot took place in public and prying eyes are always lurking about.

Unfortunately for her, she didn’t see who was watching – and he just so happened to be not very far away. After seeing what the woman was doing outside, the watchful man decided to whip out his phone and record the entire ordeal.

As seen in the clip, the woman had her pants down as she was taking selfies of her backside. Now, her actions are out there for the entire world to see, and it seems that her little selfie session showed a bit more than she expected — we, as a nation, have a serious problem.

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