25 Things Banned at Disneyland, I can See Why 22 Would be FREAKY!

Disneyland has a long list of do’s and dont’s, I had no idea most of these even existed. Could make for a not so “magical’ time if you get caught.

Having been to Disneyland many times, I can say with full certainty that not all of these rules are enforced but some are pretty funny and scary to think about.


From Daily Mail:

Disneyland is the place ‘where dreams come true’. But if you disobey park rules, a pleasant family day out could well turn into a nightmare.

Walt Disney Parks and Resorts – which has seven locations around the world including Florida, California, Hawaii, Paris, Tokyo, Shanghai and Hong Kong – has dozens of rules in a bid to ensure the ‘happiest place on earth’ stays that way.


1. Cutting in line, or joining someone in line

2. Taking video on a ride

3. Giving a speech or demonstration

4. Filming a commercial or a movie

5. Blowing up a balloon at Animal Kingdom

6. Bringing a glass container – excluding small containers such as baby food jars

7. Smoking in non-designated areas

8. Bringing a suitcase larger than 24 inches by 15 inches by 18 inches

9. Feeding the animals

10. Showing tattoos that are inappropriate

11. Flying a drone

12. Taking flash photography indoors

13. Bringing a ‘large’ tripod

14. Taking off your shoes or your shirt

15. Running

16. Using profane language

17. Wearing a costume as an adult

18. Bringing a stroller larger than 36 inches by 52 inches

19. Selling something or distribute goods

20. Bringing a pet – unless it’s a service animal

21. Sitting in a folding chair

22. Wearing a mask – unless for medical purposes

23. Riding on skateboards and skates

24. Carrying a weapon

25. Bringing in your own alcoholic drinks


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