GoPro Keeps Filming As Shark Attacks, Boy Drops His Speargun

GoPro Keeps Filming As Shark Attacks, Boy Drops His Speargun

When he realized what was happening, he panicked and dropped his spear gun…

One college student had a close encounter with a shark he will never forget. Tyler McQuillen, 22, thought he was going to die. On September 1, he and his friends were swimming off the coast of Santa Barbara, California in just 10 feet of water. Spearfishing was always a good time, and when he felt a tug on his foot, he thought that his friends were literally “just pulling his leg.”

Tyler shifted his attention to his lower leg, when he realized that a shark had taken hold of his toes. In a panic, he dropped his spear gun. His GoPro camera was running, and captured the entire terrifying event.

Fortunately, Tyler was able to recover his spear gun as the shark was coming back for another bite.

He jabbed the shark with his spear, and it chose a hasty retreat.

Understandably, Tyler swam back to shore as fast as he possibly could. He suffered two broken toes in the attack.

Take a look at his harrowing experience:


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