Left-Wing Democrat Wants To Ban The Word ‘TERROR’ To Avoid Hurt Feelings

This Far-Left Activist REALLY said it! It is not a Saturday Night Live joke. He does not want to hurt “Muslim” feelings.

Democrat strategist Robert Fowler appeared on Foxnews along with Maria Bartiromo Sunday morning and fired off a concept about the word “Terror” that is infuriating to many.

Fowler’s infamous quote went like this:

“This is an intentional act. Yes, it was an act of terror. The problem is when you say the word ‘terrorism.’ Because of word association that automatically assumes you’re talking about people from the Muslim faith… That is why he said ‘intentional act’ not ‘terrorism.’ because we don’t know if it was Muslim. None of these organizations have taken credit for it. So before we go out and start to blame and shame a whole religion we have to be very careful get all the facts first.”

It sounds to me like Fowler is the one jumping to conclusions, as if HE is the one with the bias.

Yes, I know, it is unbelievable. If you are in doubt, watch the madness for yourself, below:

Do you agree with Robert Fowler? How should we refer to these acts?

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