Man Has Sex With 1st Cousin, Then She Finds Out What’s in His Closet

A Michigan man allegedly killed his wife to get her out of the way… so he could seduce his cousin. It doesn’t get any creepier than this, folks!

The murder trial for 48-year-old Loyd Sebastian DeJohn began on Sept 15. After gagging, straggling, beating and stabbing his 51-year-old wife Kimberly, he stuffed her body in a closet in their home.

Then he had sex with his 25-year-old cousin Anjelica Gonzalez multiple times. She eventually gave birth to his child.

“He told me not to worry about it, that she wasn’t coming back, that I would be safe and that he wanted to be with me,” said Gonzalez, who maintains she was unaware of the murder.

From Opposing Views:

For two days, his wife’s body reportedly lay hidden in the closet before Gonzales complained of a “bad meat” smell. Loyd allegedly then moved the body out of the house and hid it in his truck for weeks before dumping it into a shallow grave.

In the meantime, Loyd allegedly fed Gonzales a number of stories to explain his wife’s disappearance, all of which made her death seem accidental.

“It’s hard for me because of all the negative comments that are made about me and it’s heartbreaking for my kids,” Gonzales said. “My daughter … will never know her dad. [No matter] what has happened he is still my daughter’s dad.”

It was only after Kimberly’s sister, Brenda Ernst, filed a missing person report with the police that authorities eventually found the woman’s body and investigations began.

Loyd now faces charges for first-degree murder and mutilation of a dead body. He claims he got into an altercation with his wife after she broke one of his collectibles, implying the murder was not planned.

“Why would you commit a homicide?” commented his attorney, Mark Nortley. “Why would you do that? There’s absolutely no motive at all. Clearly, clearly, clearly, there was no motive. There was no plan.”

But Assistant Prosecutor William Cataldo disagrees. “We’re going to show the violence is very beyond somebody pissed because ‘they broke my collectible,'” he said. “This was planned… This was an act waiting for an opportunity.”

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