QVC Model Responds To Internet Trolls Who Say She Is ‘Uneven’

In a clear case of body shaming, this lady gets the last laugh!

Internet Trolls, regardless of genre, tend to put their cowardice on display. A recent example with QVC model Sammi Marsh-Wade is no exception.

A QVC model has been on the receiving end of online trolls after appearing on TV in a bodysuit that apparently showed off her ‘uneven’ nipples.

The video of Sammi Marsh-Wade modelling the grey outfit on the shopping channel has been viewed by over 300,000 people and lots of guys have typically gone straight for the figure.

Some positively, others not so much.

 The fact that Sammi’s nipples appeared to be ‘mismatched’ was a hot topic for some. Many of the comments were insulting, while some just downright creepy.
Screen Shot 2016-09-18 at 9.46.34 AM
Take a look at the clip that is getting so much attention. Does she look anything but beautiful?

Sammi took the entire non-event in stride, even retweeting many of the insulting, but funny, comments.

She surely will get the last laugh, as her already booming career, and the controversy surrounding it, will climb even higher as more attention is given to the Calendar she is selling.

So a question remains: which is greater, our admiration for Sammi Marsh and the way she handles business, or our disgust with cowardly internet trolls?

Tough call, right?


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