[WATCH] Hillary Can BARELY Stay Awake When Discussing NY Explosion

[WATCH] Hillary Can BARELY Stay Awake When Discussing NY Explosion

Is this the person who can make fast decisions? It looks to be a miracle that she did not pass out!

We all remember Hillary’s commercial about the importance of having a President who can make important National Security decisions when the phone rings at 3AM.

The commercial was a good idea though it obviously did not help Hillary’s 2008 Presidential run.

Watch the commercial below, then compare its message with yesterday’s clip of Clinton discussing the recent explosion in New York:

So now we have an explosion in New York City, not at 3AM, but during Prime Time Hours. One would think that a Presidential Candidate would be able to speak with a sense of authority, and urgency.

What is your impression of Hillary Clinton as she discusses the event? She looks as if she may fall over to me.

Watch below:

Is she sedated?

This clip does not inspire confidence, does it?

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