College Students Get ‘Emotional First Aid Kits’ For Their ‘Safe Spaces’

College Students Get 'Emotional First Aid Kits' For Their 'Safe Spaces'

Poor college kids. Microaggression is stressful, isn’t it? Liberal Professors don’t like “a bunch of white dudes running things” and believe oppressed college students should have “Emotional First Aid Kits.” 

A University of Houston Assistant Professor and an Adviser were filmed by the famous Project Veritas, bemoaning the stress and “microaggressions” that college students must deal with.

Psych. Department Adviser Bobbie Schindler spoke of the emotional distress, saying,

““The stress of school gets to them. Like a bad grade, a missed class, being late, a microaggression, uhh whatever…”

Schindler expressed a liberal point of view when talking to O’Keefe and bemoaned that in her philosophy department there were “a bunch of white dudes running white dude things.” She was also disgusted at the idea of Breitbart tech editor Milo Yiannopoulos coming to campus and agreed that people like him should be banned.

Both Schindler and Assistant Professor of English Nathan Sheply approve of the idea of Emotional First Aid Kits, and suggest that they could be handed out by advisors.

So, what do these higher educators think should belong in an Emotional First Aid Kit? The list includes: a baby blanket, chocolates, a plush kitten, a bag containing the smell of lavender, ear plugs, a genderless pastel teddy bear, hand written notes, and a pacifier.

Schindler did suggest that the pacifier could be taken the wrong way, and that student’s should be encouraged to suck their thumbs.

You truly cannot make this stuff up, can you?

Be forewarned, the Project Veritas video below is overflowing with satire, along with undercover interviews with College staff and faculty. If you cannot take a joke you make not enjoy it.

On the other hand, this satirical footage reveals the mentality of these educators, and many college kids are too young to know any better. They are taught of oppression, micro aggression (whatever that is,) and the need for Safe Spaces and Emotional First Aid Kits.

In the video, a Project Veritas journalist showed a bag of Hershey’s Kisses emblazoned with the American flag, which Sheply called “synthetic patriotism.” Project Veritas told TheDC the kit would only include “chocolates of color without the flag.”

Schindler suggested, “like an eye mask, headphones, just set to like the sounds of kittens.”

Perhaps tax dollars will be spent on these kits? Incredible.

Watch the hilarity unfold below:

In this hilarious and satirical video, James O’Keefe once again takes on the overly sensitive college policies and professors who are mollycoddling students on campuses across the country. This undercover video highlights the thought processes of two University of Houston faculty members who take political correctness to such an extreme that they help create “emotional first aid kits” distributed by the 99.99% Society as a way to protect students from “microagressions”. With an original musical track entitled “Emotional First Aid”, which has a catchy hip-hop beat, pop sensibilities and mildly political lyrics, this video features O’Keefe, VICE co-founder Gavin McInnes, Fox News contributor Guy Benson and Lucian “Twinks for Trump” Wintrich.


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