Mama Pig is About to Die, Now Watch What Happens as 13 Piglets Come Running

The inspiring story of Emma the pig will get you right in the feels…

When she was taken in by John and Molly Chester, she was pregnant, but quite unhealthy. Everyone thought she might give birth to a few piglets, at best.

But several months down the road, Emma defied expectations by having 17 little baby pigs! 13 of them survived.

Soon after, though, Emma took a turn for the worse. It seemed bringing so many babies into the world had taken a toll on her.

The Chesters were forced to remove the piglets so that Emma could rest and – hopefully – get better. But that didn’t work.

When all else failed, it was decided that the very thing which could kill her, might just be the only thing that could save her, too…

H/T: HeroViral

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