STUDENT SHOT: Just Blocks From School, Police Scrambling To Find Shooter

STUDENT SHOT: Just Blocks From School, Police Scrambling To Find Shooter

BREAKING: One student shot. Suspect on the run…

It is heart-breaking whenever a shooting happens, but more so when it is a young person or group of students.

Fox4KC reports:

 A 16-year-old Van Horn High School student died Monday afternoon in a shooting, and police are still searching for the shooter. Independence police say the teenager was found lying in a driveway in the 1100 block of Home Street, which is a few blocks away from the school.

The teen died after he was taken away from the scene by an ambulance, he’s only been identified as a black male so far.

Police say at least one person ran from the scene after the shooting. Police are unsure if the shooting is related to a car chase that started in the area at about 2:40 p.m.

The teenager’s name has not been released but officials confirmed he was a student at the school.

A district spokeswoman said extra counselors will be available at Van Horn on Tuesday.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Crime Stoppers TIPS Hotline at 816-474-8477 or the Independence Police Department at 816-325-7777.

Video report below:


The Independence School District released this statement about the victim:

“We have learned that one of our Van Horn students was shot near Truman Road and Home Avenue after school hours and away from school. Our hearts are with this student and the students’ family. We will have extra counselors at Van Horn tomorrow.”

What would you do if faced with a shooter?

Recently, The Washington Post addressed the issue:

The mass shootings that have terrorized America have led to a new focus on how to survive them. Though far from an exact science, these efforts are based on a disturbing amount of data – including case studies, the body counts from these tragedies and the personal narratives of people who somehow got out alive.

A number of private companies now train office workers in how to respond in an active-shooter event. The experts agree: Following a few simple rules can help boost a person’s chance of survival. Being mentally prepared to take action in a crisis — or simply knowing where a building’s exits are — can make the difference.

The massacre at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando early Sunday fits with the general, horrifying pattern in recent years, in that life and death pivoted to a large degree on how the people there reacted in the initial minutes. Research shows that it usually takes about three minutes for police to arrive at an active-shooter situation — although the Orlando club had an extra-duty uniformed police officer working security, and he engaged the shooter.

The best move for civilians, as always, was to get out of the place immediately by any possible route. Many escaped through rear and side doors onto a patio. Less fortunate were those who went into the restrooms, a dead end, and became trapped when the gunman came in after them.

“When you go somewhere, you don’t want to put yourself in a situation where if you get found, you don’t have any options,” said J. Pete Blair, executive director of the Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training Center, based at Texas State University.

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