Man Shouts 3 Words in Hillary’s Face, Her Response is PRICELESS

At this point, it’s safe to say Hillary Clinton is a complete disaster on the campaign trail. She’s even reportedly taken to using a body-double at times. When she isn’t too sick to be seen in public, the Democratic nominee is digging her own grave in other ways.

Case in point: Her response to a man who confronted her by saying, “Hillary for prison!”

The video was recorded in February in New Hampshire, when Hillary visited Manchester Community College, but it was just shared on social media this weekend, where it has now been watched million of times.

Louis Alciere¬†was the man bold enough to shout those three words in Hillary’s face, though her response is now getting more attention than his initial statement.

“Let’s make it happen!” she shot back.

Alciere posted the video with the brilliant caption, “You heard her Supreme Court. She wants to be in prison #letsmakeithappen.”

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