PANIC: Hillary’s Campaign Manager Sends UNFATHOMABLE Message To Supporters

PANIC: Hillary's Campaign Manager Sends UNFATHOMABLE Message To Supporters

They did not think this day would come…

Hillary Clinton, former First Lady, former Senator, former Secretary of State, and the hands on favorite to become our next President, is dealing with realities that she never anticipated. In truth, no one thought Obama would catch her in the 2008 Election, but that is history. Now, she has bigger problems.

Hillary’s Campaign Manager, Robby Mook, blasted a message to Hillary’s supporters, warning them, almost pleading with them, to do something about the incredible rise of Donald Trump.

The message as printed in the Washington Examiner reads:

In the last week or so, a new polling trend has emerged: Trump’s path to the presidency is no longer a pipe dream — it is clear and it is real.

Trump has more and more ways he can get to 270 electoral votes — that should give all of us pause. Chip in for the first time today to help us stop him and reach our goal of 2.5 million donors by the end of the month — we’ll send you a free sticker to say thanks.

He has made serious gains in states like New Hampshire and Colorado — places where we once held double-digit advantages. And he’s now leading polling averages in several key states, including Florida and Ohio.

A month ago, Trump had maybe a 10 or 20 percent chance of winning this election. Today, in most models, his odds have risen to 30 or 40 percent.

I realize that some people might have a higher tolerance for risk than others. But a 40 percent chance of Donald Trump in the White House should be too high for anyone.

So all of us who care about the future of our country need to commit to do something about it right now.

And the best thing you can do? Invest in this campaign so we can keep making our case to anyone who is still undecided in this election. So that we can put more organizers on the ground to register voters who share our values — and make sure they cast their ballots on Election Day:

Thank you,


Robby Mook

Campaign Manager

Hillary for America

Clinton, Mook, and all of their minions have more reasons to be concerned.

Just a week ago, MarketWatch predicted a 65% chance of a Hillary victory. Seven days later, Trump has surged five points.

RealClearPolitics shows Clinton to be ahead 44.9% to 44%, less than one point, and certainly within the margin of error.

Perhaps most telling of the recent polling can be found in the LA Times. In the latest edition, Trump led Clinton, 47.7% to 41.0% — his highest overall support in the poll, and the largest gap since Trump led by 7.3% during the party conventions in July.

The poll was conducted among 2,507 respondents, including over 400 who are polled every day.

In addition to increasing his lead overall, Trump continued to improve among black voters. While media outlets have tried to assure readers that Donald Trump’s trip to a black church in Flint, Michigan was a disaster, Trump’s support among African-Americans immediately skyrocketed above 19% in the poll and has stayed there for four days, hitting an all-time high of 20.1% in the poll released after midnight Sunday morning.

Will things get worse for Hillary? This is election is picking up steam so fast, that any surge can push one candidate to the top while drowning another.


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