Mother’s Facebook Pic Goes Viral After Everyone Sees What’s on Her Chest

A woman who posted a photo to the Facebook community page Breastfeeding Mama Talk has become the subject of heated debate.

Here’s the photo which has caused all the controversy:


Looks like a normal mom feeding her hungry baby, right?

Well, close.

She is actually feeding her sister’s baby.

While out at the mall with her sister one afternoon, things got a little chaotic and the woman was left alone with her nephew while her sister was away for a moment. During that time, the baby became hungry and would not take a bottle.

Not wanting the infant to go hungry, the woman offered him her own breast. She, too, has a baby and was producing milk.

In decades past, wet nursing like this was quite prevalent. When infant formula was not readily available like it is today, wet nursing was the only way for some babies to survive.

Thus, it seems pretty insensitive that people would get offended over a photo like the one in question, just because a mother is nursing a baby that isn’t her own.

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