[VIDEO] Camera Angle Exposes Details Of Trump’s Intricate Combover

[VIDEO] Camera Angle Exposes Details Of Trump's Intricate Combover

During Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump‘s recent trip to Mexico, sharp-eyed Trumpwatchers noticed that there were bobby pins clearly visible in the closer shots of Trump’s remarks, an indication that, for some reason, it was crucial for that particular grouping of hair never to move. Then, earlier this week, Trump answered a few questions from the press aboard his campaign plane. Trump spoke from a seated position on Trump Force One, and the angle was not kind to the intricate multi-directional coif that keeps the top of his head covered:

trump combover 9-5-16 by DailyPolitics

If Trump wants to maintain the image of a youthful full head of hair, he might want to re-think having the press aboard his plane, or maybe invest in some really high seats.

So, that video camera angle was a bit negative. In all fairness to Donald Trump, we should all recall the time he showed the reality of his famous haircut to Ryan Seacrest:

Business mogul Donald Trump joins Ryan Seacrest’s radio show and finally puts to rest the question of if he wears a hairpiece or not.
On Air with Ryan Seacrest 

Trump certainly has earned his Secret Service code name, “Mogul.”

Have you heard some of the others?

Ivanka Trump Has A PERFECT Secret Service Name, Melania’s Fits Her Like A Glove

Wouldn’t Ivanka Trump make for a PERFECT White House Chief of Staff? We think so, and it is good to hear that the Secret Service is taking care of her, and of course, Melania Trump and the rest of the family.

No one outside of the Secret Service truly knows how they come up with code names, or call signs, for those that they protect, but whoever did it in the case of the Trump family deserves a raise.

Ivanka Trump is referred to as “Marvel,” as she truly inspires images of comic book heroine beauty.

Melania Trump is known as “Muse,” a moniker that is also suits her stunning features and striking good looks.

Recently, The Washington Post ran a story on a few other choice names:

If news reports are to be believed, we now know the Secret Service code names of the 2016 presidential contenders and their families. This is a tradition in the presidential campaign process: reporters competing to figure out which one-word term will hover around the future president for the next four years.

Without further ado, the Clintons will retain their code names from the last time they lived in the White House. Hillary Clinton is “EVERGREEN” and Bill Clinton “EAGLE.” Donald Trump is “MOGUL,” according to reports, and Melania Trump “MUSE.”

The vice presidents get code names, too: Mike Pence is “HOOSIER” — a little on the nose — and his wife “HUMMINGBIRD.” Tim Kaine is “DAREDEVIL,” somewhat ambitiously. His wife’s? To be determined. We know it almost certainly starts with a D, given the pattern the Secret Service follows. But for now, it remains a secret.

If you are truly into learning more about the Secret Service Code Names of other VIP’s, check out the great work done over at Time:



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