[Video] “All White People are F***king Devils,” Protests Headed for Wealthy Areas of Charlotte

After the fatal police shooting of Keith Lamont Scott in Charlotte, North Carolina, protests ensued leaving 16 officers injured. One man was caught on video by reporters  prior to the protests saying “Just know that all white people are f***king devils,”.  And  “All white cops are f***king devils and white people.”

The protests and looting took place close to where the shooting was. But protesters have every intention on taking their fight to other neighborhoods in Charlotte.  It would be a good time to start practicing those second amendment rights.

The Blaze reports:

Tuesday’s protests were located in the same area as the fatal shooting, which closed a busy road in the city’s “university area.” However, people on Wednesday told news reporters that they planned to take the protests to the wealthier parts of Charlotte, which are mostly located on the south side of the city and include the “South park” and “Ballantyne” neighborhoods.

But even innocent people were caught up in the protests, which turned violent after dark. One family who was driving in the area of the protests told a WSOC-TV reporter that despite doing nothing wrong, the windshield of their car was smashed by protesters.

“Unfortunately with these protesters, they don’t see the difference — we’re people trying to get home, we haven’t done anything wrong,” the unidentified woman said. “I fear that if we hadn’t stopped, they probably would have done something else.”


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