[Watch] Viral Video Sends Horrific Reminder of Why We Shouldn’t Drive Distracted

A female driver in China has been arrested after running over 3 children, only stopping when they were ALL under her car. The children were playing in a parking structure and it was all caught on video surveillance. Witnesses said that she was “looking at her cell phone”

Thankfully all survived the accident but one remains in a coma.  Of course many are blaming the parents and asking questions. One of which was “why were the children playing there in the first place”, another went as far to say they used their children for monetary gain. Many excellent questions but what a horrific situation all around. Glad they all survived and seem to be recovering. Hopefully justice is served to all who deserve it.

The DC reports:

A horrifying video of a parking lot accident involving three children has gone viral online in China, reports the Shanghaiist.

The accident took place in a parking lot in Shenzhen on Saturday. In the surveillance footage, a white car rolls over three children playing in the parking lot. The children all survived, but one is reportedly still in a coma.

The following is video footage of the accident provided by the People’s Daily [WARNING: GRAPHIC]:

Police immediately arrested the driver. Witnesses said that the woman was playing with her phone when the incident occurred.

While the children survived, they did not escape the accident unscathed. One of the children’s parents said that the three kids were covered in blood when they were rescued. All of them were rushed to the hospital, where one of the children is still in a coma. One of the other kids has numerous broken bones and still finds it difficult to eat and swallow, reports Auto China.

Many netizens on Weibo were highly critical of the driver. “The most annoying people are those that drive and play with their phones,” one user wrote.

While the driver received a lot of criticism, many netizens were quick to point out the absurdity of children playing in a parking lot completely unsupervised by their parents or any other adult guardian.


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