McDonald’s Makes Shocking Job Announcement and Obama is to Blame

Proving Donald Trump right once again, McDonalds had completely wiped 70 white collar American jobs in favor of H-1B visa workers.

While the company claims it was an economic and cost saving move that best fit their company, they fail to factor in what happens to the communities in which these ‘guest workers” hold jobs.

Trump promises to end the H-1B program should he enter office, keeping money in American hands instead of it being sent to foreign countries. The “guest worker’ program isn’t being used for what it was intended and continues to grow exponentially, currently reaching 650,000 strong all over the country.

McDonald’s and any other corporation that keep Americans from working should be ashamed of themselves. That’s not to say it’s completely their fault, the Obama administration is mostly to blame for their endless amount of regulations and creating a climate that businesses hate.

Obamas term can’t come to an end quick enough.

CT has the full story:

The fast food giant has quietly been outsourcing the jobs of 70 white-collar professionals in Ohio to foreign H-1B visa workers.

This corporate outsourcing of jobs from American workers is exactly why Trump has vowed to end the H-1B program when he takes office. What makes this outsourcing even worse is that McDonald’s took the jobs away from recent American college graduates.

These 70 jobs that McDonald’s outsourced to lower wage foreign H-1B visa holders were not technology jobs that required the expertise of someone especially advanced in technological skills, which is what the program was designed to make allowances for. These were white-collar accounting jobs usually reserved for graduates from mainstream business schools.

This is becoming an epidemic as nationwide the population of workers on H-1B visas has grown exponentially. These “guest workers” are now 650,000 strong all over the country.

McDonald’s stated that it did this because it made economic sense.

“To deliver $500 million in savings, the vast majority by the end of 2017, we are restructuring many aspects of our business, including an accounting function,” spokeswoman Terri Hickey said.

So they save on the cheap labor now but what happens when the guest workers’ visas expire? They will take all of their American dollars and go back to their home countries effectively ripping that money from the American economy instead of funneling it back into the economy as American workers would likely have done.

This is why it is so important to take these issues to the polls, because while The Donald wants to keep money in American hands, Hillary has no apparently interest in the issue at all. Ohioans are not happy with this, saying that media coverage on immigration is largely skewed toward the left.

“There is never, ever a reporter in Ohio who honestly covers how open immigration negatively affects Ohioans,” said Julia Aldrich, a local activist. “It is a one-sentence quote (about the negative affect) versus the rest of the article’s support for how great illegal aliens or refugees, etc., are for Ohioans.”

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