NAACP Leader On Keith Scott: ‘It Really Doesn’t Matter If He Had a Gun’

NAACP Leader On Keith Scott: ‘It Really Doesn’t Matter If He Had a Gun’

Are her comments a joke? Unfortunately, it gets worse. Watch and decide for yourself…

A local NAACP leader told CNN’s Carol Costello had some shocking words on Thursday. Many are in disgust and disbelief.

This leader said that it didn’t actually matter whether or not black Charlotte man Keith Scott had a gun on him when he was shot and killed by police.

Scott’s death led to protests and violence for the past two days, after his family reported that he was holding a book when he died. Charlotte police have called that false, saying that police body camera footage shows he was brandishing a gun and that they recovered a weapon from the scene.

But the president of the Charlotte chapter of the NAACP Corine Mack said ultimately it didn’t matter. “I think the most important part is the contrast in him having a book versus a gun. But in my mind and in most of the community’s mind, it really doesn’t matter if he had a gun,” she said.

“At the end of the day we have the right under the Second Amendment to carry here in North Carolina,” she said. “And [the police’s] responsibility was to engage him in a more deescalated way, to find out if he had a permit for his gun and allow him to go on his merry way and he would still be living today. That’s not what happened.”

“So I don’t want anyone to walk away from this conversation today thinking that a video showing he had a gun in any way says that he was guilty of anything,” concluded Mack.

The situation in Charlotte has been so out of control, for two days now, that the Governor declared a State of Emergency.

SHOTS FIRED! NC Gov Declares Emergency After Indiscriminate Violence, Gunshots

Gov. Pat McCrory said he would deploy the state National Guard and Highway Patrol to Charlotte, North Carolina’s largest city.

“We cannot tolerate violence. We cannot tolerate the destruction of property and will not tolerate the attacks against our police officers that is occurring right now,” McCrory told CNN on Wednesday night.

The protests continued to wage out of control.

Onlookers cheered as a masked man shattered a hotel window while another one hurled rocks through it. Others spray-painted “Black Lives Matter” on business windows and smashed car windows.

“I was right in the thick of it,” witness Zach Locke said. “People found whatever objects they could to break glasses. It was madness.”

Some stores were looted, including the Charlotte Hornets’ NBA store, local media reported.

Freelance photographer Marcus DiPaola told CNN he saw some people knock over an ATM and grab money from it.

Ryan James, a first-person witness to the civilian-on-civilian shooting that left one person in critical condition Wednesday night, describes seeing a man unleashing indiscriminate, senseless gunfire into the crowd.

We pray that the violence in Charlotte will deescalate before more people are senselessly harmed. Unfortunately, it will take a while for the details of shootings like this to come to light.


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