“F*CK OFF!”: White Guy’s Patriotic T-Shirt Sends Burqa-Clad Woman Into Fit of Rage

There is no end to the list of things which seem to offend Muslims and their supporters on the left. They get set off by certain language and they cry “discrimination” when they are expected to comply with Western laws and culture. Even an innocent t-shirt is enough to send these people into an uncontrolled fit of rage at the drop of a hat.

This much was proven by an Australian Muslim woman, who was strolling about the campus of Curtin University in Perth, clad in her burqa. Her day was instantly turned upside-down when she spied a white man wearing a shirt that outwardly displayed his support for a conservative politician. The horror!

Dennis Huts, who had an appointment on campus, was the man donning the “offensive” garb. As a proud patriot, he was wearing one of conservative leader Pauline Hanson’s shirts. Hanson has proclaimed that “Australia is in danger of being swamped by Muslims.”

Here’s the “racist” shirt in all its glory…


From MRC Blog:

The burqa-clad student accused Huts of “demonizing Muslims” by wearing a Hanson-supporting shirt, going on to call him a “fascist.” She also told him that he had no right to be at the school and ordered him to leave immediately.

“He is a proto-fascist. He has no right to be here,” she told him. “All he wants to do is demonize Muslims. Muslims have had enough. Get off this campus, you’re not welcome here!”

Huts fired back by saying he has an appointment and that he has every right to be at the school. He also told her that he would not be leaving simply because she was “offended.”

“Respect our rights. F*** off, move on,” the Muslim woman said as she concluded her rant.

Huts uploaded the video to social media to show that Muslims are actually the  instigators of conflict in many cases. However, this backfired and Huts was banned from social media for thirty days for posting the video, which was deleted from the sites. Luckily, copies of it still exist on Youtube.

Of course, the irony in all this is that Muslims have literally sued for their “right” to wear religious coverings like burqas and hijabs, which are not permitted in some places. Meanwhile, they don’t want this man to be able to wear the t-shirt of his choice.

This story is paralleled by what is going on in America at the moment regarding the presidential election; we have one leader who consistently kowtows to Muslims and is subsequently lauded by the media, and another who has put their foot down when it comes to homeland security and the threat radical Islam poses. You know who I’m talking about…

Donald Trump has seen an overwhelming amount of backlash for his political views. Just the way Huts’ shirt sent a Muslim woman’s head spinning, Trump paraphernalia has done the same stateside. Share this report if you believe that double-standard is having negative effects on the progress of our nation!

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