Reporter Snaps a Picture of “Typical” Hillary Fan – No Wonder She’s Losing!

While Donald Trump has run a presidential campaign historic for it’s momentum and enthusiasm, Hillary Clinton has run a presidential campaign which may go down is history as the most boring and disappointing of any candidate to ever run.

While Trump is packing stadiums and selling out venues, his Democratic rival can’t even seem to fill a small room. On Monday, the Republican nominee filled a Florida arena with an estimated 8,000 people. In fact, so many supporters showed up despite the 90-degree heat that the huge venue could not even hold them all and many had to wait outside.

However, on the very same day, Hillary failed miserably at drumming up support in Philadelphia, where she held a rally at Temple University aimed at attracting millennial voters.

She attracted a whole 200 of them.

And the ones she did attract weren’t exactly excited to be there…

No wonder Hillary’s tanking in the polls! That fire extinguisher looks just about as interested in her as the chick sleeping next to it!

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