[VIDEO] Rioters Try To Throw Unconscious Reporter Into Fire, Cops Intervene

JUST IN: New Arrest Made In Deadly Charlotte Shooting

The poor man was helpless, surrounded, and laying on the concrete, far too close to the large blaze. Then it happened…

Among the many reports of violence from the Charlotte, North Carolina unrest Wednesday night was one particular shocking example: rioters tried to throw a news photographer into a burning fire.

Local CW affiliate WCCB was on the scene and tweeted out images of the fire and their initial report.


It’s not yet clear whether this was the same instance, but a reporter with local NBC affiliate WCNC tweeted that one of their photographers was attacked in Uptown Charlotte, along with a reporter. Both were sent to the hospital.

The statement was repeated by reporter Marvin Beach on WCCB’s livestreamof the riots, who said the station’s photographer witnessed the attack. It’s unclear why the effort failed, but WCCB’s livestream later captured police providing assistance to the photographer, indicating he was rescued without suffering grievous harm.

This is savage, and so close. That reporter is fortunate that the police were available and saw what was happening. It appears that some of the protesters helped the fallen man as well, which is surprising but good. Just a few more minutes and this poor man would have been in huge trouble.

Watch below:

Earler we reported: It is getting out of control, again! Protesters are taking to the streets in Charlotte, North Carolina for the second night in a row to speak up after yet another fatal police shooting. This is Third World behavior.

WATCH LIVE: Frenzied Protests Continue For Second Night In A Row In Charlotte

Officers were searching for someone who had an outstanding warrant, and a man exited his vehicle with a firearm (not the one they were looking for) and according to WSOC, officers shot him because they believed him to be an imminent deadly threat.

The suspect, identified as Keith Lamont Scott, was pronounced dead at the hospital. Of course, there are multiple accounts of the details of his shooting.

You can watch a live stream of the protests here, via WCNC:

This is like Third World behavior. One would think they could find a better way to address their concerns.

Of course, the looting and pillaging was horrible last night. Hopefully, tonight will not be as bad.


Charlotte, NC – A dozen officers have been injured during attacks on law enforcement during the first night of Charlotte riots, and the rioters have started looting.

Early Wednesday morning, rioters were throwing objects at police, injuring twelve. At least one police car has been destroyed by the rioters.


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