Country Boy’s Give BLM Protesters a NASTY Surprise

As angry angry protesters continue to crowd the streets in various cities across America, taking their misplaced rage out on any “white” person they encounter, a group of country boys decided to fight back.

Gearing up their massive trucks to teach protesters a lesson, they all begin “rollin coal” directly in protesters faces.

Anyone that knows diesel trucks knows that, if you tune the engine on a diesel a certain way to “trick the engine” into needing more fuel, then hit the gas, you get a huge cloud of black smoke that comes out of the tailpipe. Needless to say, protesters were pissed and went as far as to throw bottles at the trucks in response.

While not the most “politically correct” way to handle protests, it sure was hilarious and made people think twice about clogging and blocking traffic.

Take a look.


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