Hillary is at it Again, Plays Nasty Trick on Trump Just in Time for Debates

Both candidates will square off at the first Presidential debate come Monday. But Hillary’s campaign seems to keep playing games in an attempt to throw Trump off his game. Trying to recover from her nosedive in recent polls, the Clinton campaign grasps at straws by making poor comparisons in order to save her and make Trump look weak. They have created quite the list of Trump haters to join her front and center, Mark Cuban and Brian Fallon to name a couple.

Imagine all the people Trump could invite to the front row. How about Kathy Shelton, the woman who was raped at 12, smeared and put through hell in court by Hillary Clinton by defending child rapist, Thomas Alfred Taylor. Or how about Monica Lewinsky? Or how about the family members of the Americans killed at Benghazi? This list could go on forever and would make quite the impact. What do you think?

Hillary can barely walk up a flight of stairs on her own, much less be ready for a “fight”

CT had this to say:

The debate will take place at Hofstra University and a certain Donald Trump foe, businessman Mark Cuban, has received a front-row seat from the Clinton campaign.

On Thursday, Cuban tweeted: “Just got a front row seat to watch @HillaryClinton overwhelm @realDonaldTrump at the ‘Humbling at Hofstra’ on Monday. It Is On!”

The Humbling at Hofstra? Does he think he’s going to a boxing match?


Now, it’s true that you have to be either cynical or delusional to support Clinton; however, that tweet was ridiculous even for a Clinton supporter.

Brian Fallon, Clinton campaign press secretary, wrote an equally bizarre and ridiculous tweet: “If you have ever seen @mcuban courtside at a Mavs game, you know he’ll be fired up for Monday’s debate. #ImwithHer.”

This is clearly an attempt to get Trump off of his game given that Cuban has been an outspoken Trump detractor but really, it’s just pathetic. Are we going to a presidential debate or a sporting event? Does the Clinton campaign really hold the two to be similar?

Clinton has taken a nosedive in the polls after an abysmal couple of weeks on the campaign trail and, frankly, the rest of her campaign was pretty bad before that. She’s been scrambling leading up to the debates.

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