Hospital Makes Minor Error In Surgery, Attaches Woman’s Colon To Vagina

Hospital Makes Minor Error In Surgery, Attaches Woman's Colon To Vagina
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What’s the big deal, doctors were wondering? This poor woman and what she is dealing with…

A woman went to the hospital to have skin cancer removed from her colon. She awoke in horror, to find that her colon had been reattached to another important body part.

Three years ago Jasminka Velkovska checked into the “8 September” City General Hospital facility in Skopje, Macedonia, for skin cancer surgery. Central European News reported that when she woke up, doctors came in and asked if she was passing gas.

Perplexed Velkovska said she told them, “Yes, but it’s coming out of my vagina.” Those same doctors reportedly told her that everything would go back to normal soon. It did not. She said at that point, “stuff had started to come out of my vagina and I was feeling scared and it was all very unpleasant.” 

She requested an X-ray, which proved that much more happened while she was under the knife than she’d expected. The report said that Velkovska’s colon and vagina had been intertwined and connected, causing her to pass gas from her vaginal opening. To make things worse, the malignant skin cells had not been removed.

Velkovska was confused, hurt, and not sure where to turn so she hired attorneys to represent her case. CEN reported that Velkovska and her lawyers reached an agreement with the hospital managers outside of court for approximately $33,000. She has only been paid two-thirds of the agreed-upon amount and is still waiting for a final payment of about $11,000.

Velkovska plans to file a civil suit if this is not settled soon, and, of course, has to have the skin cancer procedure, again. She will definitely choose another hospital this time, though.

People are horrified, understandably, at this story. Here is what they are saying:

Justine Rudisell
Justine Rudisell This is horrible! That poor woman. How do you even explain that to whomever you’re with? What’d the docs say, “Good news is you don’t need a colostomy bag, bad news is you’re pooing from your cooch from now on?” I really hope she decked that surgeon right in the face
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Yazmeen Vargas
Yazmeen Vargas The Hell with 33,000 i would’ve sued for millions! That’s is medical malpractice and she could have serious complications not to mention her skin cancer that wasn’t even removed!
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Valerie J Mahaney
Valerie J Mahaney This sounds like a skit from the Three Stooges, only the nightmarish, dark comedy sketch version of one. Where’d these surgeon’s get their degrees, the Internet???!!!
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Mango Miller
Mango Miller Is this even real? I feel bad for the woman but I was cracking up as I read this. Well I guess the moral of the lesson is: Don’t get anything done in Macedonia cuz your an*s will pay the price ? And on another note. WTF is up with agreeing only to 33,000? Hell noooooo I would like 33,000,000. Just saying ??
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Maggie A. Morris-Calderon
Maggie A. Morris-Calderon Because he’s lazy, and had daddy pay for him to go to school. And he never belong there. He didn’t take the time to identify what he was doing. Because he doesn’t care enough!
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Deb Johnson
Deb Johnson I have never heard of anything like this happening before. You do hear of medical mishaps…but this…HOW..what was going through that surgeons mind..where were the spotters during all this…Poor woman..
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Jessica Benedetto
Jessica Benedetto Wait…. so did they switch it back?! Or its been 3 years and she’s waiting to have someone else switch it back?!
Somome could have wrote this better..
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Caitlin Tunkel
Caitlin Tunkel Unfortunately this happens more often than you’d think. It’s called a fistula and it’s just one of those unfortunate risks. I’m not sure if that’s the case here, but if so, I don’t know how this is a crime.
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Naomi Jones
Naomi Jones Whoever clicked on the HA HA button, you ought to be slapped. What’s funny about this incident?
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Cathy Birdsong-Daggett
Cathy Birdsong-Daggett First of all, how can you remove skin cancer from a colon? Two separate organs (skin is an organ), its called colon cancer. Second, not even going validate how stupid that surgery would be “mistake” or otherwise
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Suzanne Johnson
Suzanne Johnson If it was skin cancer surgery what in the hell are they doing inside her abdomen??? How in the name of good and evil did they eff that up? I would sue the royal hell out of them.
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