Cops Who Were Beaten by NFL Player Find PERFECT Way to Get Him Back

Officers Darnell Jessie and Roland Butler were working security at Reese’s nightclub in Philadelphia last February to supplement their income, when they were caught in the crosshairs of an entitled NFL player looking to throw his weight around.

Buffalo Bill’s Running Back LeSean McCoy visited Reese’s on the night of February 7, 2016, and it wasn’t long before he started trouble. After ordering a bottle of $350 champagne, McCoy and his buddies began to argue over who was going to pay for it. Their altercation turned physical, which is when Jessie and Butler stepped in to do their job.

Rather than allow the officers to break up the fight, though, McCoy took part in beating them so severally that they both required hospital stays and incurred lasting injuries. Remarkably, a District Attorney decided not to prosecute McCoy, so Jessie and Butler were forced to take matters into their own hands to get justice.

The DA claimed it was too hard to determine who started the fight at Reese’s, as if the officers could have somehow been responsible. So, just over seven months later, the cops have filed a lawsuit in civil court against the Running Back and his friends. It will be hard to argue with the evidence of their injuries, coupled with the fact that they were only present at the nightclub that evening for work.

Since the justice system failed Jessie and Butler, they’ve decided to hit McCoy where it hurts – his wallet. More likely than not, the NFL player will choose to settle the dispute out of court for a hefty sum, rather than spend even more money fighting the lawsuit.

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