OUTRAGE: University Flies Black Lives Matter Flag Alongside US Flag

OUTRAGE: University Flies Black Lives Matter Flag Alongside US Flag

Are your tax dollars going to this University? Do you want them to?

Many are outraged, though, no surprise, Liberal college students seem to love it.

Campus Reform reports:

The University of Vermont’s Burlington campus is flying a Black Lives Matter flag alongside both the American and state flags.

Several students from the school took to social media to express their support for the move, with some saying the school is “winning for this” and another noting that since the school is supportive of the movement, “we should be too.”

“[The BLM flag] just really hits close to home for such a small community of people of color on this campus.”

One local news outlet is reporting that the flag is being sponsored by the school’s Student Government Association (SGA), whose president called the move a way to “show symbolic support for our community.”

“The Student Government Association is sponsoring the flag at this time to show symbolic support for our community when so many are struggling with the violence and search for justice in this country,” SGA president Jason Maulucci wrote in a statement. “It is fitting that the flag flies adjacent to the recently engraved benches that pronounce the values of Our Common Ground—Respect, Integrity, Innovation, Openness, Justice, and Responsibility.”

The flag apparently appeared on campus the day after the start of the riots in Charlotte, which have left at least one person on life support and several others injured.

Many students at the school, though, say they are happy to see the BLM flag on their campus, with some even saying they would like to see the flag stay up on campus “forever.”

Not all students are happy with the flagpole decision, though. One said:

“The university is known for being very liberal, but this statement of support for Black Lives Matter goes beyond anything that can be excused,” one student, who did not wish to be identified, told Campus Reform. “A public university, funded by the taxpayers…has no right to make such a blatant political statement. It is inappropriate for a public university, where opinions and views are supposed to be freely expressed, as BLM is known…to stifle free speech.”

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The flag controversy in Vermont is happening during a time of great unrest, precipitated by the controversial shooting of Keith Scott in Charlotte.

A new video of the shooting event was just released.

BREAKING: Keith Scott’s Wife Releases Her Cellphone VIDEO Of Shooting

Keith Scott’s family has released a video of police officers fatally shooting him that was recorded by his wife, who was talking to police from a distance.

The footage, taken by Scott’s wife, does not clearly show the exact moment he was shot by police on Tuesday. Scott is seen on the ground moments after the shots were fired and surrounded by officers.

“He better not be f—ing dead, he better not be f—ing dead,” Scott’s wife can be heard shouting at the police officers. “He better live, he better live!”

The killing of Scott, 43, sparked three nights of fiery protests and violent clashes between protesters and law enforcement. Activists and the Scott family have pressed city officials to release bodycam or dashcam footage of the fatal encounter, which reignited debates about race and policing nationwide.

In the footage obtained by NBC News, Scott’s wife, Rakeyia Scott, can be heard saying, “Don’t shoot him, don’t shoot him” as police appear to converge on a white pick-up truck in the parking lot of a condominium complex. “He has no weapon — don’t shoot him!”

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